a study in james buchanan ‘keep-your-clothes-away-from-this-guy’ barnes 

aka ‘bucky is the sole reason tony begudgingly admits that having a communal laundry room in avengers tower wasn’t the “best idea ever” ’

'yo where the fuck are all my clothes??? i left them in the dryer twenty minutes ago and now they're all gone. i'm serious steve you need to talk to your boyfriend about boundaries i've only got two t-shirts and one shoe left in my wardrobe — stop laughing and go fix the fucking problem, steve!'



a study in james buchanan ‘not-a-morning-person’ barnes

aka ‘douchenugget who keeps stealing all the fucking blankets’ and ‘worst hair-bun maker currently living in avengers-tower


it was going so well until i placed my hand in wet ink and ruined the whole thing (ʘʘ✿)


well i tried and that’s what counts right

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i was feeling a bit sad so i drew a unicorn hoping it’d help but it just made me sadder

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for marciana

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ahh two x-mas presents down; two more to go! this is taking forever i wish i’d started sooner

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im laughing my ass off because this is the ugliest thing i’ve ever done and i feel so bad hahah oh man

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trying to hurry up and make lots of xmas presents but i still always end up spending three hours on ONE thing -,-”

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i’ve recently rediscovered the absolute joy that is arthur/eames and that makes me want to draw five billion pics of them so here’s the first ones i did as a sort of get-to-know-them kinda thing

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